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Retailer Requirements for Enrollment


Retailer...Your Enrollment is FREE!

Please follow the following required guidelines for enrollment. (NO INTERNET-Web STORES, Please!):

  • You must have a Brick and Mortar Physical Business

After you submit the Retailer Sign-Up Form, you must send us a copy of any of these credentials (Please chose one):

1. Copy of your Retail Business License

2. Copy of your Federal Business Tax # Permit

3. Copy of a check of your DBA Business Bank Account, or a copy of your Business Credit Card with your business name


For Location Verification, (Please chose one):

1. Yellow Pages Listing

2. Printed Brochure or Catalog examples

3. URL or website link address where we can verify your location


Other Required Credentials, *all required:

1. * Business Pictures:

* Provide images from the inside or the outside of store where we can see the business sign. 

* Provide any online method (Facebook, Pinterest, etc.) where we can see pictures of your brick and mortar business/store.

2. * 2 or 3 names, business names, and phone numbers of current artist/artisans from which you are buying art and crafts finished products at wholesale.


For New Store Business Owners: 

You will be required to provide more than one of the credentials mentioned above for approval.

Please send these documents to:

Note: If we do not receive the required documents and credentials regardless of the form submission, your business will not be approved for enrollment. reserved the right to refuse any application if items required are not submitted by the retailer for approval, or if we find that the business do not comply with the requirements mentioned above.

Pictures and documents format accepted: JPG, PNG or PDF Document. If you have trouble sending the copies, please let us know, this way we can give you other options.