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Artist Requirements...

For quality purposes, every artist/artisan product will be juried. Please make sure that you have the following requirements when filling out the application.

1.  All Artist/Artisan must have their Art/Craft studio/shop located in U.S.A. territory (More info, go here)

2.  All work, product, item MUST be created by the artist/artisan, we honor what we called "Handmade" very seriously 

3.  One (1) image of yourself (Can be more than one after the enrollment)

4.  One (1) image of your studio/shop (Can be more than one after the enrollment)

5.  One (1) image of your business logo/banner (Optional, to enhance your gallery)

6.  Be ready to Choose (Your work/products/items categories and Product Showcase)

7.  A functional valid email address for contact/communication purposes

8.  A PayPal account email address. This includes a PayPal premier or business account, or a PayPal account where you can send/receive payments online. This account MUST be up to date and active at all times

9.  A shipping/mailing address on file

Emerging Artists/Artisans are Welcome!